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How to protect truck bed or convertible

With truck beds and convertibles, you are talking about protecting an area that is potentially open and uncovered. This might appear to be a tall order, but no worries – we’ve got you covered!

Again, start with a well-installed, high quality alarm. This time, the additional sensor you need is called a DUAL STAGE FIELD DISTURBANCE or RADAR SENSOR.

This sensor creates an invisible sensing field around the vehicle that detects mass (i.e. crooks) moving near your vehicle using the Doppler Effect. Dual stage means it can either trigger the alarm’s WarnAway® chirps, or, if the crook gets too close, it will trigger your alarm’s full siren.

One other great thing about the Radar Sensor – it can support an addition VOICE MODULE – so instead of WarnAway® chirps, your vehicle can actually talk to the would-be thief and tell them to "Stand Back!"