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How to protect rims & tires

Please see all the Wheel & Tire companies on our Hot Links page who have partnered with us to raise awareness about protecting these valuable possessions.

To protect your expensive rims & tires, start with a good alarm – preferably with a 2-way remote that can alert you even if you are too far away to hear the siren.Next, add sensors you need to keep your vehicle safe. Car thieves use two main methods to steal your wheels and tires: towing, and jacking. If they are in a position to pull a flatbed tow truck in front of your car, they will quickly winch it up and drive away with it. If not, their second option is to jack your car up and leave it on blocks.

What you need to prevent this, in addition to the alarm, is a DIGITAL TILT/MOTION SENSOR. This is a sensor specifically designed to detect a slight percentage change in elevation while your alarm is armed. Lifting the vehicle, either in a towing or jacking scenario, will instantly sound your siren!