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Car theft trends
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Car theft trends

California Expected to Top Car Theft List

Posted March 18, 2010
"In Fresno, for example, more than 700 auto thefts have been reported since the start of 2010, a 62 percent increase, Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters last week. He is particularly concerned because Fresno, once known as the car theft capital of America, had seen a 76 percent drop between 1994 and 2009."

"Despite the nationwide downward trend, car thieves are still busy. In its report last year, the bureau said thieves steal an average of 2,650 cars every day across the U.S., or one every 33 seconds."

New Trend In Car Theft

Story Created: Jun 25, 2010
The Laredo Police Department has seen an increase in a new and risky way of car thefts in the city. Police say people who are selling their personal vehicle and putting an ad in the paper are the victims.

The Top 4 Newest Trends For Car Thieves

Posted: Jun 12, 2010
Vehicles are getting harder to steal outright, especially given massive advances in anti-theft technology (current hi-tech keys won't even allow you to turn the engine over unless the right microchip is present, moving hotwiring into the realm of cultural artifact).