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Car theft articles
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Car theft articles

Dozens indicted in North County auto theft operation

NORTH COUNTY — An eight-month undercover investigation into auto theft rings operating in the North County culminated this week in 34 grand jury indictments, the District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. ...More

Do you leave these items in your car?

SAN DIEGO, CA — They are items that most of us keep in our vehicles, and they are also the items mostly likely to be stolen Law enforcement officers are warning motorists that a little prevention can greatly lessen the chances of falling victim to vehicle burglars. ...More

La Mesa police report rash of vehicle burglaries

LA MESA, CA — Police are warning residents about a rash of vehicle burglaries in the last month in La Mesa where the thieves break windows and take valuables left inside, such as laptop computers and sports equipment. ...More

Auto theft task force hits chop shop

VICTORVILLE, CA — Investigators found $50,000 worth of stolen property and busted a Victorville man who had been running a chop shop for at least five years, officials said. ...More

Auto theft becomes a possible child kidnapping

AMARILLO, TX — A trip to the convenience store changes the life of an Amarillo woman as an auto theft turned to possible kidnapping in a matter of minutes. ...More

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